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[Suggestion] Suspects Upgrade


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A recommendation for the MTA-SA server...

Upgraded Suspect System:

Each suspect already has various charges such as warrants, illegal items, illegal weapons, WUIs, DUIs and so on. Vehicles with charges such as stolen vehicle, unpaid tickets, check for warrants and so on should put a charge on the driver too (If one exists). Passengers of these vehicle types should just stay random though. Each charge on a suspect is worth 20 EXP (15 EXP for AI) and only valid if discovered by ANY officer. Meaning if the suspect has a illegal weapon charge, but never frisked by any officer, it won't give that 20 EXP because it was never discovered. Another example is if the suspect has illegal drugs, an illegal weapon and a warrant, then the suspect charges all together are worth 60 EXP, but only rewarded if the charges are discovered. So let's say a frisk was done to discover the drugs and weapon, upon arrest would only reward the officer 40 out of a possible 60 EXP.

- The 1st officer to detain a suspect should be the one to receive discovered charges regardless of who makes the arrest. (Unless Offline)

- The possible weapons found on a suspect should be reviewed. Golf clubs, bats and pool cues make sense when found, but not flowers.

- City warrants could be transported via helicopter that earn pilots x5 EXP of the discovered charges. Or x3 EXP if taken to correct city.

- Suspects that are detained should not be able to suddenly attack, run maybe, but certainly not start attacking

- Suspects that are detained, frisked, then suddenly start an attack and spawn a weapon out of thin air, this should certainly be removed

- Innocents that are arrested by an officer should cost the player -5 EXP

- Suspects with no discovered charges arrested by an officer should cost that player -0 EXP

- While aiming at a suspect, using the "Action Button" rather than the "E" key

- If the officer fails to disarm a suspect before placing in their vehicle, then there should be a 25% chance of being harmed or even killed

- Earn +1 EXP for each frisk, name check, license check and DUI checks done by the officer (But limit to once each per PED)


One of the core elements that make up the server are certainly the suspects. Upgrading this system would greatly improve overall gameplay for every officer. It confuses players who bring in a PED driving a stolen vehicle and are rewarded nothing because that PED was innocent via the code. This will encourage players to follow procedures such as frisking rather than just throwing suspects in their vehicle and rushing for the arrest. Although red words are fairly clear when looking for illegal items/weapons, flowers for example shouldn't be considered an actual weapon as it hints a lack of effort in the creation. Helicopter pilots don't seem to have an effective way of earning EXP, but if mistaken, those suggested EXP values may need to be adjusted a bit more. Quite interesting to rarely see officers from another city in your area just as it is in real life as well. It's annoying when you've detained a suspect, yet he manages to break free and start attacking on top of that? Also annoying and again hints at lack of creativity, not to mention only angers any player. This discourages officers randomly arresting PEDs off the street. It may be possible the player knows of the charge with the suspect but failed to discover it properly (Such as seeing a weapon in hand, but not frisking the suspect) and should not lose EXP, but nor gain anything either. Some players use game controllers such as myself, but forces the use of a keyboard making things more difficult than it has to be. The same could be done with the "Sub Mission" key rather than the "X" key for responding to calls while in a vehicle. Then use the "Action Key" to respond to a call if on foot and so on and so forth. Overall just makes the game more easy to play for some. Will certainly increase officers actually frisking their suspects rather than just rushing them for a quick arrest and still be rewarded. Again, encourages officers to follow correct procedure as it rewards them for it, keeps the players busy and learn the system a little more quickly.


I'm sure I had forgotten something, will likely update the thread as time passes...


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