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Emergency Landing/Plane Crash Callout


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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA

Suggestion: Emergency landing/plane crash. Similar to MVA, police, fire and EMS respond to a plane that has crashed somewhere around the area. It could either be a forced emergency landing at one of the three airports or crashed somewhere in a nearby field or area. There could be a possible risk of fire that needs to be put out and injured victims that needs to be treated. Police will also need to close off the area.

Why should this be added?: More callouts for police, fire, and EMS.

Anything else you'd like to add?: The plane crashing should probably occur on a field or at the airports. Preferably anywhere with open spaces.

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I like the idea, planes are something rare on the server if any exist at all even. However, the police need something more than just the role of blocking off roads to be given a call out. Not to mention newer players can't place road blocks anyway. But there should always be some kind of fire as well as injured people to give both the medic and the firefighter something to do. The size of the fire and the amount of injured people could be random though.

The only way I can think off hand to get the police involved is if the plane was hijacked and the suspects managed to survive the crash, but then again those suspects wouldn't be in any condition to deal with the police if we're considering realism here. But there are probably officers on the server that pay attention to that dispatch and may show up and do a bit of roleplay or something anyway

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