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Update 1.2.4 - November 16 2019


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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed central chat recoloring partnered unit's chat to dark blue
  • Fixed /spawn command leaving the players in the vehicle which was potentially teleport abusable
  • Added a potential fix for the /cc (cruise control) getting cancelled randomly
  • Fixed towtruck anti spam system not working at all
  • Fixed /freeze command not working if the target player is in a vehicle


General Improvements


  • Added /delrbs command which deletes all of the roadblocks you've placed
  • Added new "small spikestrip" roadblock, rewrote the spikestrip code to resolve potential issues
  • Removed "MISC" from the ELS panel and replaced it with "SIREN" which displays your current siren state
  • Added 6 new radio stations & made some minor adjustments to the code
  • Roadblock item now gets deleted once a player enters a vehicle
  • Roadblock's distance now transfers to the next roadblock object if you place it with ALT (multiple roadblock placement)
  • Added a tip message for dead players to use /spawn or wait for a medic to revive them
  • Blocked all Pay 'n' Spray locations from roadblock usage to prevent players blocking their exists
  • Security Guard peds from "Security Guards requires Assistance" callout are now automatically deleted after approximately 4 minutes
  • Updated radar gun's inventory image, it now actually resmebles a proper radar gun
  • Removed speed radar's "shooting sound" and completely disabled the ability to shoot with it
  • Added "expired tags" possibility to ALPR checks
  • Improved glenshit's (Unmarked LVPD) handling, improved suspension's behaviour so it is now a lot less likely to flip it
  • Improved HPV1000's handling, it's brakes and turning have been greatly improved to reduce risk of players kissing the walls
  • Improved Glendale's handling in pursuits, it should no longer flip itself while turning
  • Changed /me command's coloring as well as made it local instead of global to give the players ability to roleplay if they wish to do so without disturbing everyone in the server
  • Pursuit vehicles now take a lot more hits before they actually blow up
  • Added /deletevehicle (/dv) command for Moderator+ which deletes the temporary vehicle they're sitting in


New Features


  • Added indicators. You can press , and . to activate them, in addition to that you'll also be able to see peds using the indicators as well
  • Added new callout: "Vehicle Stuck in Roadway"
  • Added ability to cuff peds, once they're cuffed they can no longer pull out their weapon and / or attack you, they can still, however, attempt to run away from you


HUD UI Redesign


  • Completely re-designed the UI, most of it has been transfered to CEF now to give better perfomance as well as give us sleeker design abilities. New design is completely minimilastic compared to the old design and should no longer take most of your screen, all of the unneccessary information has been removed and only the most important parts have been left in
  • "Active Callout" is now colored in three different colors, blue - Code 1 response, orange - Code 2 response, red - Code 3 response
  • Updated Central Chat's font UI, long texsts should now automatically and properly split up without taking the entire screen on lower resolutions

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