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[Appeal - #0094] UngratefulSatan


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Username UngratefulSatan

Date of ban: Can't remember

Reason for ban: Racism | Insulting staff

Duration of ban: Permanent.

Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum): I was pretty fucking retarded maybe i just should use my brains next time before i scream racist things around the server, i pretty much enjoyed it playing on that server having fun with friends  and than i just fucked up when chico told me quit it i just should have listen what he said but i didn't and i gotta pay the price which was ending up never playing again on a fun server and no im not being slimy that im saying its best server i've been on i feel very bad about this and asking for a forgives  ''Play stupid games Win Stupid Prizes'' ~Ungratefulsatan

Which administrator banned you: Chico2

Additional notes: I apologize for my behavior, I will never make this mistake again.

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

Racism combined with insulting staff leaves me no other choice other than to decline your appeal. These are two of the worst rule breaks an offender can make and I am therefore removing your chance at appealing the ban. Do not make another appeal, as your ban is not only justified, but also non-appealable. If you do decide to try again, your accounts on all our present and future projects will be banned as well.

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