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[Appeal - #0095] Ghost1


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Username: Ghost1

Date of ban: Idk maybe on 2019 June or July maybe?

Reason for ban: Asking for ban.

Duration of ban: Permanent

Why do you believe you need a second chance: Well i was playing and i was happy and when i was helping guy was working at fire department for the fire So when We done i said to Tosfera can u ban me temporary? for 2 days or 1 day So he said to me Yes, But you will get ban permanently if you want it so i said to him no only temporary i want, I was kidding at this time . So he banned my serial permanently My serial is {REDACTED].. Please i will not ask for ban temporary again So yeah and I was joining the server on this computer and when i got banned serial so i said to myself let me joining with another computer to play but please i want to be unbanned in this computer because on another computer is not loading map.. so i hate to play mta in the another computer i hope it gets accepted <3

Which administrator banned you: Tosfera

Additional notes: I will not ask for the ban And Thanks --------> -xHeseen

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

If you did not try to ban evade, by logging on the server with a different serial/computer, as you mentioned, I may have considered accepting your appeal, although since you did ban evade, your appeal is hereby declined. Consider your other "computer" banned as well.

On top of that, your chance at appealing the ban is also gone, as ban evading is nothing we tolerate in this community. Do not make another appeal. If you do, all your accounts on our current and future projects will be sanctioned as well with a ban.

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