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[Appeal - #0099] PatrykYT


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[ban appeal] PatrykYT

Username: PatrykYT

Date of ban: 2016,2017

Reason for ban: Report 230

Duration of ban: Blocked Serial

Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum): Answer here. I will not confuse chats anymore, I will play normally, I want to play on this server because this server is the Best and there is no better So I would like a second chance and keep playing, I would like to forgive and give me 2 chances Please.

Yours faithfully, PatrykYT

Which administrator banned you: Answer here. There is no Posted

Additional notes: Answer here.

Please So I would like to ask the team To give me 2 chances I won't do it anymore I will improve, I promise, I have nowhere to play and this server is the best of all


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Thanks for editing. Seems like I do not have to bother with that after denying this appeal.

First off, do not message management to hurry up your request.

You also went on to DM me on forum and replied to your own thread.

Ban appeal DECLINED.

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