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[Appeal - #0104] Kajtek_Odwalacz


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Username: Kajtek_Odwalacz

Date of ban: Oh, I dont know. Surely At the start of April.

Reason for ban: Report 428/Breaking the rules

Duration of ban: Permban.

Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum):  Some time has passed since ban. I live in Poland, and I attend a school that will open on May 24th. Until then, there is some time. The server is great, and I miss the game on the server. I understood my mistakes, and I appeal. I think I deserve a second chance.

Which administrator banned you: Nick

Additional notes: I'm sorry, please give me a second chance 

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

You have been banned multiple times before and this was the last straw. Your ban is not being lifted.

Do not appeal again, as you have no position within the community with the attitude you showed the High Command Administrator.

Consider this your final straw, before your forum account is banned as well. If you appeal again, your forum account will receive a permanent ban too.

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