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Introducing the helper system


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As of the 1.0.10 update we've included a new system, helper system. Due to this system being rather big and requiring members to be a part of it we figured we'd explain what it is and how it works.


In general, players are able to use /ask command with which they can ask a question and a member of the helper system is able to accept the question and respond to the player. The system will keep the chat clear from questions and the players will be given direct answers on their questions besides the famous "press F9" answer that you usually get from some people.

Helper team is seperated from the Moderators / Administrators and anyone can be a part of it as long as they're familiar with the server, their grammar is good and they actually have patience to answer all of the player questions. In addition, Moderators and Administrators are also able to optionally select being a part of the helper system and do helper duties besides the administration duties. We've decided to make this fully optionally for them as we do not want to stress our team with too much work as it can be already stressful as it is.

So how does it work?

Everybody that's part of the helper system gets a question that player asked through /ask. Each question gets assigned to an ID and helper member can simply use /accept question ID and further on procceed to contact the member with the answer. In addition helpers are also given some small helpful commands such as helper chat and /goto to teleport to players in case some questions need to be actually shown on how to do. Helpers are not to worry as the new /goto command also comes with a /return which allows them to return to the position they teleported from.

Once the question is fully answered, asker can procceed to PM the helper if they have any further questions and if not, helper is to close the question ID and procceed with their duties.

Helper team will not be stressed in actually being required to be active, this is a fully voulentaary work and most of them will be hand picked by the staff if we see that the players are helpful to new comers already.


Few advantages come out of this, I figured I'll just use a small list to list them:


  • Chat should no longer be spammed with multiple random questions that everyone keeps hearing over and over again
  • Selected helpers will have commands that will assist them with their work
  • Helper system is also a faster ticket to becoming a Moderator if the player wishes to do so, they will have an advantage over other applicants when moderator applications open. This is, of course, only if we are statisfied with the work that the helper itself has done during their time of doing their helper duties
  • The server should become a little bit more new user friendly than it is now, of course, there will be more systems in the future that will make it even more new user friendly


Cool, I want to be one of the helpers, how do I become one?

Proccess is simple and is not hard, either we hand pick you and offer you the position if we see that you're quite helpful in the server or either you just simply PM me on the forums asking to become one, I may give you a couple of questions if I'm not familiar with you in game or I might just put you into the team right away if I'm familiar with you and have seen the way you interact with the players.

In general, the key is to be rather helpful to players if you wish to be given a helper status.


Helpers will be mainly managed by whoever gets picked for the Head Helper position. Unlike Helper, Head Helper position is the same as Administrator except that they have an additional duty of managing an entire team of helpers.

Head Helper, Manager & Community Owners are the ones that have influence in picking who's to become a part of the helper system, however we are planning on giving the head helper as much space as possible in terms of managing their team so we may not interfeer as much with the team once we select a Head Helper to run the team.


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