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[Appeal - #0107] Mesterkaton


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Username: MesterKaton

Date of ban: 2020.01.12.

Reason for ban: Spamming repeatedly after 2 warnings (system)  because there is something tied to the button

Duration of ban: 2020.01.12. 21:30

Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum): ecause i want to continue the server because good community and a fantastic server the scripts are jokes and mods and i want to be tired of continuing to work on the server Fire Department and Medic and Police i would like to continue on the server the civilian police could be an even stronger weapon eg ak

Which administrator banned you: I was banned by the system because of my sap

Additional notes:

I love the server as the best server in the world because you can be a police officer, be a rescue and fire Sheriff

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

After running through  some checks and your history, specifically in the chatting logs, I've decided to remove you from the community. You kept on spamming numerous times and that continues throughout the ordeal for a very long time, so I doubt it was "accidental".

Your forum account has also been banned.

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