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[Suggestion] Improvement for the start page


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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): MTA

Suggestion: Add a new/beautiful/modern music on the start page and add a new picture where you can see all facets of the server and not just a boring skyscraper.

Why should this be added?: I don't like the music on the start page and therefore I always have to turn it off. The music on the AG:RP server on the start page was much more modern and beautiful. Of course you can argue about taste, but you can also just take a very popular song from YouTube. This ensures that the taste is met by most people. 

Furthermore, it is not necessarily obvious on the start page that it is a police/fire department/EMS server. When I remember where I was on the start page for the first time I thought about whether the server is the right thing for me. I like the picture with the skyscraper but it would be nicer if you could see a PD and police car for example or all facets of the server.

I think it would encourage new players to register and you have a better feeling when you log in.

Anything else you'd like to add?: No

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I've added a new system in place where both me and Blast3r can simply add new locations to point the camera at, the system will randomly select one of the locations and show you what we have in store. This also includes random generated NPCs around you at the login screen to see that the AI is alive.
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