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[Appeal - #0109] Cadet1


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Username: Cadet1

Date of ban: Can't remember exact date but around 2019

Reason for ban: spamming repeatedly after 2 warnings

Duration of ban: Permanent, Serial is banned

Why do you believe you need a second chance: I had bunch on binds set on lots of buttons from another server and as I was pretty new to MTA I didn't know how to unbind them, and as I was driving a fire truck and as I was turning on light clicking 'N', then my bind has spammed on chat multiple times and was kicked. So I joined server again and was in log-in menu picking spawn point, but my bind was still spamming and got kick. Then as I try to join server it says 'You're banned on this server. Reason: Serial is banned, spamming repeatedly after 2 warnnings'. But it was a mistake and I didn't know how to remove binds, now all binds are gone and won't do it again. Please for another chance. Thank you.

Which administrator banned you: It was console / system

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