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[Appeal - #0110] Kajtek_Odwalacz

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Username: "Kajtek_Odwalacz"

Date of ban: I don't remember, propably at the beginning of April.

Reason for ban: "Raport 428 / Breaking the rules."

Duration of ban: Forever

Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum): I think I deserve a second chance because this is my first permanent ban on the server. Almost a year ago I was banned for two days for driving a civilian vehicle. I didn't get over the game completely. A guide from Polish YouTuber came to my aid, which showed how the scripts work. I was also killing people at the time, and I took the level to the minus. I am very sorry for insulting the other player, in our Polish language on the global chat. I'm so stupid.

Which administrator banned you: "Nick"

Additional notes: I apologize with all my heart. I came across a movie on YouTube in server, and missed a game on the server. I hope the ban will be lifted. I'm sorry you Versky, on my heart. Please, give me the second chance... :'(

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

Taking in the fact that this isn't your first time being banned, I highly doubt you regret your other violations. You already received numerous warnings prior to the bans and even after the latest ban, which wasn't your first time, you still managed to get banned.

Since I don't believe you're fit for our community, I'll ban your forum account as well and you're therefore blacklisted from the community.


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