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[Appeal - #0112] AmusedWolf14


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Username: AmusedWolf14

Date of ban: 09/08/2020

Reason for ban: Spam

Duration of ban: Infinity and beyond

Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum):

I think they should give me a second chance because it was a mistake made by another user of my pc which bind the 1,2,3 keys so when pressing them I wrote in the global chat (1:! fix, 2:! us, 3:! Flip) and that caused the system to ban me and I also think I need a second chance because I followed the server's rules, and participated in bank robbery events, persecution, etc.

Which administrator banned you: System

Additional notes: The first time I took out the server I was taken by surprise and another 2 times I asked for help from a server player who helped me by giving me a command (/ unbind 1) to unbinde that key but what I did not know was that there were more keys bindeados for which I am taken forever from the server

- https://ibb.co/fMHmxr2

- https://ibb.co/xsqrbPk

- https://ibb.co/jHtJ0YB

(I hope this appeal is understood since I made it with the help of google translator)

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