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[Appeal - #0115] Trapik


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Username: trapik

Date of ban: 6/9/2020

Reason for ban: Spamming repeatedly after 2 warnings

Duration of ban: Perm

Why do you believe you need a second chance: This is my second appeal that the first was rejected and the reason for the ban is spamming after 2 warnings, it happened like this and I uploaded replacements for police cars and under num_1 I had binds from another server that I forgot to remove I really care about playing on this server that I spend a great time there time with the boys

Which administrator banned you: Console

Additional notes:

I would like to play on the server again because I spent a lot of time on it with my friends, so please give me a second chance <3

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Ban appeal DECLINED and forum account BANNED.

Due to constant pushing and messaging higher ups in regards to the appeal, it is hereby denied and the forum account banned.

There's absolutely no need to constantly push for a response, eventually you reach a limit where it's too much.

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