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Update 1.2.6 - October 17 2020


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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issues with money not being saved properly
  • Fixed an issue in /partner command where player was able to use a number higher than 2 to keep both their vehicles spawned in


General Improvements


  • Added /seefar command which lets you adjust your game's view distance (highly recommended command for users with modern day computers!)
  • Added /gtplace command for Moderator+ which teleports them to a specified location (ex: Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas)
  • Added 13 new towing points
  • Updated login screen, camera locations are now randomized as well as added new songs with the ability to shuffle through them
  • Vendors can now be locked to a specific branche (PD, FD)
  • Updated spraycan's effect color
  • Updated default vehicle mods for LSPD, SFPD, LVPD & Ranger to reduce their polies (in average they were reduced from 12k to 6k, courtesy of ThatOneIowan)
  • SAPDFRMods now checks if a player has TXDHack installed, if not it'll add the default (Nick's) one to their game to prevent white textures on lightbars
  • Added ability for FD members to use the roadblock system to place cones
  • Bound cruise control by default to "C" button
  • Improved entrance passage to Market station by removing the light pole in front of it as well as 2 parked vehicles, FBI Rancher should be able to get inside now
  • Added abiltiy to auto run a ped's name after checking their ID by pressing "Z"
  • Removed bottom text from the UI as it's outdated and has been replaced by the recet UI updates
  • Added a radar blip for your partner
  • Added 5 new alias commands to /delrb (/delrbs, /deleterbs, /delroadblocks, /deleteroadblocks, /removerbs, /removeroadblocks)
  • Added /support command as an alias to F9 menu


New Features


  • Added Area of Play - Every week the script will set a different location as the active Area of Play, for example San Fierro. While playing in the specified AoP department and doing your assignments inside it's location you'll receive a 25% exp bonus (+ donator bonus if any). We hope that this will shift focus away from Los Santos and encourage players to try other areas, big shoutout to Master After for this outstanding suggestion!
  • Added ability to abseil from your helipcopter with a rope, while inside a passenger seat and in air simply use the /abseil command to drop yourself down onto the ground.
  • Added ability to mod weapon sounds - .wav and .mp3 file formats are supported, to mod your weapon simply drop a weapon sound inside the "sounds" folder in SAPDFRMods that'll be named the same as the weapon you wish to mod (example: m4.wav, deagle.mp3)




  • Halloween event is now live!
  • Replaced login songs with Halloween themed music
  • Updated SAPD:FR's logo to a Halloween theme
  • Added bag of candies which will be occassionally spawned somewhere on the map, collecting them first will grant you exp and money rewards!
  • Changed time of day to night time
  • Changed weather to foggy to fit the theme

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