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Update 1.2.7 - November 7 2020


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Just a minor update this time as the main reason to it is the removal of the Halloween event scripts.

General Improvements


  • Added a message when player spawns noting which location is the current Area of Play since a lot of players don't seem to notice the actual icon in the spawn menu
  • Updated Police LV's handling, more grip and slightly slower acceleration
  • Completely reworked unmarked LV's handling (glenshit), it actually behaves like a car now
  • Added 2 new Hospital points, one in San Fierro and one in Las Venturas, special thanks to Nick for the maps
  • Updated the way Weapon damage is handled, script is now a lot cleaner and damage values have been altered. May need further changes later on based on feedback
  • Started fundamental work on gamemode restructure, this will occur over the course of next updates and will result in lots of code optimizations as well as huge improvement in actual script restarts (won't lag out the players) once it's fully complete




  • Spooky times are now over, removed all Halloween related scripts including the login songs change

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