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[Appeal - #0116] Savagemati223


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Username: Savagemati223

Date of ban: 15.03.2021

Reason for ban: Racism.

Duration of ban: Permanent.

Why do you believe you need a second chance (50 words minimum): Oi mates, i came here after a long break since last play here. I was playing with my friend and chatting with him on private discord server. We were bored because the durations between the callouts are big, so i thought it would be a more funny for us to make some racist jokes on public chat and look how people would react. I hadn't known that you guys give permanent bans for that before i got one today. I expected more likely to get mute or 1 day ban. Please, change the permanent ban because my friend is still playing on this server - we're playing for one year (with some breaks) - and he would play often with me than without me. I know it's not the best excuse, but that's the true.

Which administrator banned you: Littlemark.

Additional notes: Yes.

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