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[Appeal - #0119] dinte


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Username: dinte

Date of ban: 6/5/2021

Reason for ban: "fake administrator"

Duration of ban: permanent / serial

Why do you believe you need a second chance: Greetings and respect. Yesterday I was permanently banned on your server on the grounds that I was joking with a player who was in the mood for bad jokes ... what you don't know is that before that, she repeatedly abused the command / rbs (trying to block RP activity and actions), but also intentionally did DM and CDM, in addition to swearing and ugly words on chat. I intend to send you this message in order to solve and explain the situation and to know that I have dedicated myself to the server for 3 years, getting along well with all the players. (Respect, player DINTE), tank you !

Which administrator banned you: Sorry, I didn't remember the name

Additional notes: Respect for all players !

Picture with proof from the game:


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