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[Appeal - #0120] Szajbisko


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Username: Szajbisko

Ban date: 06/24/2021 (I guess it didn't say there when I got banned)

Reason for the ban: bindy

Ban Duration: Infinity and more

Why do you think you need a second chance: Because I did it inadvertently and I regret because I liked your server and the idea and I would like to play on it and spend a lot of time on this server. until a week or 2 :) I am very stupid and I promise that this situation will not happen anymore and I promise improvement and sorry for the inconvenience and I hope to come back to the server :)

Which administrator banned you: I guess Littlemark

Additional remarks: My serial is

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Your ban appeal has hereby been DECLINED., you'll remain permanently banned for the following reason:

- trying to speed up the process of your appeal by asking about it on the discord server multiple times;

- speaking Polish in the global chat multiple times;

- multiple warnings about binds and simply not removing them after being asked to do so multiple times.

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