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Update 1.2.8 - 5 September 2021


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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed radio staying on if vehicle has been destroyed while the player was inside
  • Fixed stretcher staying on the vehicle after respawning / switching departments
  • Fixed prison break & jail break callouts never occuring
  • AI cyclist will no longer have indicators installed, we've explained how it's logically impossible to them
  • Fixed /engine and /lights command being accessible from passenger seats
  • Fixed helpers losing their chat tag if they're a donator


General Improvements


  • Completely improved ELS code logic, as of now you will no longer be able to activate ELS while not inside of the vehicle. In addition to that you can activate ELS in any cop vehicle you're actually driving rather than only your own vehicle.
  • ELS UI is now closed when you exit the vehicle and can no longer be activated while outside of it
  • ELS settings are now per-vehicle based rather than per-player based. Meaning that if you were to enter another police vehicle that had different pattern usage the pattern will switch to it.
  • Added new parked vehicles to Bone County (big thanks to ThatOneIowan for the co-ordinates!)
  • /cv (Moderator+ command) will now set custom handling stats for vehicles that actually have them
  • Added city name display next to callouts so it's easier for players to keep track of where they're at
  • Moved ped detain marker to the front rather than the back to prevent the markers being created behind a wall
  • AI requests (prisoner transport, ambulance transport) will now spawn with a random vehicle type rather than just 1 model (example: sadbulance or burrito instead of ambulance, etc.)
  • Added a new map to the All Saints General Hospital (thanks to WolfSchultz for the map!)
  • Updated the code logic behind AI generation, should hopefully help with server crashes & bring some minor performance improvements


Event System (BETA)


  • Added a new event system that'll allow Administrator+ to start an event seamlessly which should lead to more frequent events being organised
  • The system has been made to support multiple events, however, at the moment it only features the BUSTED gamemode which is the most popular one
  • The script itself handles all of the spawning logic as well as setting the crook for the BUSTED event, in addition to that crook's time is counted by the server once they're busted and displayed to everyone inside the event
  • Additionally the system is easy to update with new events and they'll be added in the future updates
  • And many other features related to making this system work!

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