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Update 1.2.9 - 7 September 2021


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Just a minor update aimed at event system improvements & bug fixes

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed cops dying on BUSTED during respawn if they were in the water
  • Fixed cops being able to freeze other players by pressing shift in BUSTED event
  • Fixed /spawn not being properly blocked for in-event players


General Improvements


  • Improved the script logic behind cop respawns in BUSTED
  • If all cops die during a round in BUSTED they'll respawn to the closest spawn locations based on crook's current position
  • Crook's vehicle will now always spawn as red to make it easier to distinguish them while in a crowd of AI vehicles
  • F11 names will now only show event players if you're inside the event and will not show them to players outside of the event
  • Added ability for event organisers to switch event's location without having to end the event
  • Added ability for event organisers to pass the organiser position to another Administrator+ in case they want to leave but keep the event running
  • Once event is ended it'll show for how long the event ran in chatbox
  • Added a chatbox notification for spawning players if there's an event active so they're aware they can join
  • /setcrook and /setrandomcrook now support both vehicle model name and vehicle ID rather than just the IDs
  • Added 2 new locations for the BUSTED event (Las Venturas & Fort Carson)
  • Cops in BUSTED event will now have their weapons removed to prevent weapon usage after they fall off their bike

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On 9/18/2021 at 8:10 PM, Kran3lis said:

Hey, pls make that bots give you way when you riding with lights and siren on

Will be done once the AI is completely rewritten, that will, however, take some time as we've got lots of other things planned first before we can handle the AI rewrite.

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