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[Appeal - #0123] Slasher


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Username: Slasher

Date of prohibition: 17/10/2021

Reason for the ban: spam

Duration of the prohibition: Perm

Why do you think you need a second chance (minimum 50 words): I will start with the fact that I have been playing on the server for a long time and I have reached the rank of A.chief of police, and I am going to play even longer because the server is really nice and fun to play. It was my first action on the server because I did not always dismiss or defuse or act to the detriment of the server. I didn't do any of these things because the server is polished and awesome to be honest. It was by accident because I had a bind set that I completely forgot. I was uploading skins to the server and in this car selection menu you cannot see the chat and when I uploaded the car, I clicked num pad 1 and I had a say binda set there.

Which administrator banned you: System

Additional comments: I am so sorry and please give me a second chance. It really wasn't

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