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[suggestion] Police computer

Chief Mozzart

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[b]Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website):[/b] MTA

[b]Suggestion:[/b] Add a police computer where you can run the name,vehicle,write citation ,something like this. And add vehicle search
(everytime when i search vehicle there is nothing inside trunk)

[b]Why should this be added?:[/b] To make patroling and traffic stop more interesting.

[b]Anything else you'd like to add?:[/b] No



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The way the current system is written, doesn't support an MDC; every ped is random and is never kept as a known entity; meaning that the second the pedestrian gets arrested, killed, removed or basically deleted by the script... we've lost all traces of the ped.

In order to get the MDC working, we need to keep track of those things first. Which might be a v1.4.0 feature rather than a fast fix/implementation.

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