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Suggestion: Speedcamera, visible handcuffs with sound, Panic button, Bombs, More crime scenes, Real time ingame, Interior crime scenes

Why should this be added?:  Speedcamera: in general are good, sure you got "hand speedcamera". Nowadays patrol cars have lasers inside of the cars reading the MPH/KMH, Good to have  

visible handcuffs with sound: gives a good tweak for realism and roleplay for more realisticly play,

Panic button: When you're gunned down by a npc u should be able to press the panic button for emergency, making other officer/medics know that a "officer is down" pinpointed at the map, maybe give a chance to res you.

Bombs: what about them, We hate bombs, and thats when we step in and disarm them when we are needed to its in the law enforcement, 

More crime scenes: Gives a more ratio on gameplays and variety during what situation it is in. 

Real time ingame: This has its ups and downs. but its a good idea, since the game follows up by INGAME time, More natural with real time ingame 

Interior crime scenes: more variety gameplay, instead of driving around, you go inside of buildings to take the criminal's down

Anything else you'd like to add?: This is a suggestion

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+ 1 on panic button , cuff sounds , and bombs. Glad I found this before I made a request.  Sounds fantastic and hope to possibly see any of it in the future ! 

It's awkward when you die and no 1 comes to help and you just /spawn, yes it says officer down in police chat , but not every player sees it.

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