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Update v1.3.0 - 26 August 2022


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It's been a while since we've released an update for which we apologise, we've been hard at work trying to get our heads straight and back into the game. Covid changed a lot of things and we had to find a way to continue working without burning ourself out. In today's changelogs* we'll go over almost everything that's included in this update, which is somewhat of a bigger one.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a typo from pricint to precinct
  • Fixed a typo from jurdisiction to jurisdiction
  • fixed a few issues in shaders and settings not properly being updated and processed
  • fixed suspect blips not always being deleted
  • fixed calling backup through dispatch while you were dead
  • fixed spike strips spawned with left-alt bugging out
  • Players now get removed from callouts when they go /afk
  • Players now get removed from callouts when they respawn
  • Fixed mod_* sound files not working for weapons
  • Removed the mod_releases and els command tip, they were both obsolete and no longer valid
  • Server information now has the correct and updated forum link
  • Fixed an issue where players would lose money and end up having negative values
  • blocked vendors while you're in a vehicle
  • greatly improved the traffic stop markers stability - they might not always appear but it's a lot less frequent to bug out than before.
  • detain markers can no longer be used by players who did not detain the ped
  • medics and transporters should no longer steal your suspects and/or patients
  • corrected the price of Pay and Spray to $15 instead of $35
  • Pay and Spray locations will now only charge the driver instead of every occupant
  • reduced server crashes
  • blocked the ability to pull a backup unit out of their vehicle
  • fixed ALPR labels being blurry and unreadable
  • players are no longer kicked after updating their password with the command
  • removed 2 broken radio links
  • several bugs ironed out in Dispatch to decrease the possibility of not being able to accept a callout
  • blocked ALPR for the PD bicycle and caddy
  • vehicle sirens are re-applied upon spawning, fixing the caddy having sirens in the first place
  • dead peds and players can no longer be tased
  • respawning while pushing a stretcher will now properly remove the stretcher
  • you can no longer create a stretcher for a dead ped


General improvements

  • We've upgraded a bunch of deprecated functions in our codebase to the new ones provided by MTA, increasing stability.
  • The default sirens have been replaced with different ones which are less aggressive to your ears (you're welcome).
  • A bunch of refactoring/rewriting of scripts which were poorly written and/or not optimised at all.
  • Discontinued the default built in MTA accounts
  • Disabled all the translations for the server in order to properly make the server fully translated in a new system
  • Renamed Probationary Firefighter to Probationary. Not only does this resolve UI issues, it's also a lot more fitting since it's a mix of ES and FD.
  • Vehicle handling improvements for the following vehicles:
    • Merit:
      improved turning, it has more grip now
      slightly decrease acceleration
      slightly decreased braking force
    • Sadbulance
      improved turning, turning the vehicle should make it less likely to lose control
      slightly adjusted suspension to make the vehicle less "jumpy"
    • Firetruck
      turned it into a F1 race car (increased top speed)
  • being banned for spamming by the system is now a 72 hour ban rather than permanent
  • added 3 new animations:
    • /traffic (away, come, come2, left, stop)
    • /instruct (away, come, come2, left, stop)
    • /idle
  • calling a NPC transport unit will now grant players $5 for each valid arrest
  • Vendors are now frozen and can't be killed anymore (nor can you detain them, we know you tried...)
  • you can no longer see the blips/icons on the map of different branches, PD only sees PD icons while FD only sees the ones they need
  • detaining peds can now be done by clicking on them - you no longer have to point a gun at their faces constantly anymore. you still can, of course. 
  • peds will turn while you're cuffing or frisking them, you will no longer be teleported behind them. This should fix players getting stuck in vehicles/buildings/objects.
  • players are now properly cuffed. Read more about that in cuffing peds
  • ability to remove your last placed roadblock with the command /dellrb (it has a double L)
  • removed "PDWarning" and "FDWarning" sounds from SAPDFRMods since they were obsolete, no more confusion with which files are used and which are not.
  • removed a police officer's head as a possible frisk find
  • removed the interior for the County General Hospital since it was basically an empty building
  • added a new command to open or close your vehicle doors (/doors open or /doors close, alias; /vehicledoors and /closedoors to always close them)
  • option to disable motion blur in /settings
  • added a /playtime command to see the total duration you've been playing the current save (counting starts at the release of v1.3.0)


New features

  • Our registration process is a lot more streamlined
  • new login and spawn UI design + logic written in CEF instead of the default dxRender functions provided by MTA (this does increase load time but accessibility is widely improved)
  • Ability for admins to change your display name rather than your login name. You can login using your email or username, your display name is now a different thing. More about that can be found under Display names in this post.
  • added a total playtime to departments, you can now track the time you've been playing in a certain department which starts ticking from the moment the update goes live (no backwards compatibility)
  • We've increased the amount of accounts per serial to a maximum of 3 instead of 1.


Display names
In order to meet the requests (and demands) from players, we've made changing usernames a piece of cake. It's really easy and totally safe to update display names now. But what are display names? Display names are the names above a player their head, this name was always the username of the player. Due to security reasons and technical limitations we were unable to change these on the fly, it required at least 5 different steps in order to change the names if they were breaking our ToS. The new system allows us to easily change them and implement systems later on for players to change their names on their own. This is a function that is still under development for now but it will come, eventually.


Cuffing peds
Rather than showing an icon above the head from a ped, you can now visually see their hands behind their backs. We're still finetuning this feature and are really curious to what the performance is going to be like with multiple peds active. For now, we're closely monitoring the feature and would love to hear your feedback on it. Not every ped properly hold their hands behind their backs but we're fixing these offsets soon.




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