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[Appeal - #0130] Dupa123444


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Username: Dupa123444 (serial number: removed)


Date of ban: I think it's 14.09.2022


Reason for ban: Server Advertising (discord link)


Duration of ban: permanent - MTA


Why do you believe you need a second chance: In my opinion, I should be given a final chance because I had no intention of making a complaint, but I understand what I did. I feel remorse and would love to be unbanned and play a police again. Sometimes in the chat I fool around writing weird things that can be annoying, so if any of you decide to unbans me, I promise I won't write those things anymore. I sent a link to the discord server to one of the players of the server, so why did I do it? I did it because I wanted to talk to him and do roleplays together. Regards and I hope that the appeal will be approved.


Which administrator banned you: I don't know.

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I've removed your serial since it's sensitive data.

Your appeal has been denied, you've been banned for multiple reasons including but not limited to:

- Non english in global
- server advertisement
- annoying several people
- not listening to reason when you're spoken to.


Your account and serial will remain permanently banned.

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