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[Appeal - #0138] ChinoBlack


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Username: ChinoBlack

Intervening Moderator: Nikola24 ( I don't remember the name well)

Reason: "Racism" (Without proof)

Duration: Permanent

Date:  february 1st 2023


We were patrolling with two companions who were from the same country. Without realizing it, we started to speak Spanish in the global chat, which we recognize is wrong and at no time do we deny it.

However, we always maintained respect for the other players and for ourselves, avoiding being RACIST, XENOPHOBIC and only making jokes about our country because we have the right to do so and no one said it bothered them.
The moderator gives me a warning for speaking Spanish in the global chat and I told him that there was no problem, although it would be better if it could be spoken in both languages since they are universal languages, after that he proceeds to place the command (by the way, very badly placed because he put it with a point first, leaving the ./ban) and using the "Racism" reason, something that I did not do at least against the other players, I do not deny that I did it with my teammates towards the NPCs but they were part of the joke of our country.

I suggest the proofs that appeal to the ban being done correctly, otherwise they cannot defend it, I request the unban and sanction the moderator for carrying out a ban for no real reason.

Without more to say, cordial greetings and good day.

p.d.: I use Google translate, sorry if you don't understand


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Ban appeal DENIED.

As mentioned by @Chico2, we do not take action without proof, hence why, this appeal is being archived. The ban is completely justified.

We have a complete zero tolerance when it comes to racism and I am therefore extending the ban on your in-game account to your forum account as well.

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