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Update 1.0.12 - March 11 2017


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The changelog is small as the MTA:SA team decided to do whatever their asslick circle asks therefore we aren't really motivated to work with a community such as MTA:SA. There are some more changes in terms of how AG is going to work later on that you guys will be notified about. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Bug Fixes

    • Added a possible fix for settings menu not changing language when it's translated onto another language


General Improvements


  • Improved weapon sounds to more realistic ones
  • Added 1 more possible location for Suspicious Vehicle


New Features


[*]Added a new callout: street brawl - it spawns a lot of peds fighting each other, only available at 2 locations at the moment, more will be available on next update. There's a small chance of a car with gang members inside spawning and escaping from the scene as well as the peds have ability to spawn with melee weapons in a random occurance




  • Expanded Croatian translations
  • Expanded Polish translations (thanks MasterAfter[/member] )

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