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Towing vehicles improvements


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Hey guys,

I think the towing of vehicles from players needs improvement. Basically, it would be best if all tasks were done by players, as it makes the whole thing more lively and less buggy, and therefore more fun to play.
Once the question is, should the police tow vehicles at all? Actually it is not their job. And I also find it inappropriate that besides the player requests of towing vehicles, you still do normal calls with the tow truck, although it is not suitable for that at all, because it has no blue light and no signals and is very slow. Also, you can't tow vehicles while you are doing normal calls.
Therefore, I thought that you could add an additional organization, for example "Towing company", which only takes care of towing vehicles and you could add the "Utility Van", which is already present in the AI traffic with which you could make repairs to vehicles. For example, for vehicles on the roadway callouts you could give a 50% chance that you can repair the vehicle and if not you have to tow it. You could repair player vehicles. One advantage would be that there would be another option for players and thus the player base could expand.
If you think that a towing company is not a good idea, I would at least want that when you drive a tow truck it is your only task, because everything else makes little sense.

Another question how you could make towing vehicles more attractive for players?

What is your opinion?

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