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[SUGGESTION] New callouts.


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Suggestion for (MTA, Forum, website): Server.

Suggestion: I just got new ideas for callout. Its a prison escapees. When we accept the callout, we'll see a guy running away or driving a car (in this case, police cars. It can be the rancher or even unmarked) and we have to catch him. If it a pursuit, maybe its gonna be a long pursuit. Another one is Robbery. It can be bank robbery or perhaps robbery in small shops. The robber might attack us or other pedestrian. And maybe there will be a pursuit if the robber got a car (maybe Burrito, Pony, Washington, Elegant but in black or white).

Why should this be added?: We often catch the criminals and imprison them, but they never tried to escape from prison. Judging from the situation in LS, the escape from prison might make sense for the criminals here are already at a high level. Even civilians too often have illegal weapons in their bag when we searched them. And for the robbery, like i said before, criminals in LS or even the San Andreas is already at a high level. They had heavy weapons such as the M4 class, uzi, Ak-47, Deagle, and others. However they mostly just steal a car or drug trafficking, but the bank is always safe from the threat of robbers and think it's a bit unreasonable with heavy weapons they carry. :P

Anything else you'd like to add?: Motor patrol is still slow and sometimes we can not catch the criminals. And maybe you can add back the fire callouts cause sometimes firefighter never used again since that callout deleted except when our suspect car is blowed up :P

That's all from me. PEACE!!  8)

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