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[Appeal - #0003] Deez Nuts

Deez Nuts

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Username: Deez Nuts

Date of ban: 12/21/16

Reason for ban: I was using CAPs, and being disrespectful.

Why do you believe you need a second chance: I believe I should get a second chance beacause, this server meant a lot to me. When I was bored when I came home I would get on this server every single day. I was being stupid, and I apologize. I love every single person in that server. I hope I will be accepted.

Which administrator banned you: Mafia

Additional notes: This is my favorite server ever and I loved it.

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I will give you a second chance, but keep in mind, the slightest bit of disrespect from your side again and you will be permanently banned without a chance to appeal. If that is understood, reply to this thread with "I understand" and I will process the unban. If no reply is seen within 24 hours, your ban will stay permanent WITHOUT a chance to appeal. You are on an extremely short leash.

Ban appeal PENDING.

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