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Update 1.0.13 - March 25 2017


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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed mouse cursor not appearing after using /spawn


General Improvements


  • Completely changed the backup request system, it no longer creates a blip at player's name instead it colorises player's name on F11 and works in a "toggle-able" kind of way (once you no longer request backup you need to disable the request)
  • Reduced the timer that blocks backup usage from 30 seconds to 5 seconds due to the new system
  • Added Dillimore as a possible street brawl location
  • Increased the amount of NPC car density spawning by a little bit (if problems arise this will be reverted although I personally don't think any should)
  • Added a notification sound which happens for helpers when someone uses the /ask feature
  • Helpers will be notified when another helper accepts or closes a question from now on
  • From now on server gamemode name will be set as SAPD:FR Online and map name as the version number which will improve the looks of the game-state monitor


New Features


  • Added new neutral peds which will only give 5 exp when killed. These neutral peds are spawned by some callouts and it's purpose is to prevent the kill to farm exp abuse. In addition, if a ped does any extra action such as pull out their weapon or so the neutral stat will be removed and they will give full exp when killed. After putting some thought to this I figured we might reward the player with at least 5 exp in case they've killed the ped for something that the script itself can not recognize
  • Added an anti spam timer to central usage which blocks players from using the central until the central either replies to them or, if central is not to reply, until 2 seconds pass
  • Added a command for Community Manager and higher ranks that allows us to change player's privilege level from in game

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