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As most of you know the community itself is being developed, managed & ran for free. The server costs itself are rather expensive as Advanced Gaming thrives to give you the best perfomance with the best server protection to keep it running for as much as possible without interruptions from another third party that for whatever reason decided to take the server down by performing multiple actions that cheaper hosts would not be able to handle.


For the last three years all of the server costs were going out of Tosfera's pockets which is why we ask you, the players, to help us out by donating. We do not care what the amount is as we're more than aware that sometimes every dollar can count, but we have, however, decided to set 1 dollar as a minimum donation amount to keep our paypal from being spammed, which means that if you do donate less than 5$ we will not give you anything in return.


What do you recieve?

First thing's first, Advanced Gaming is in no way interested in giving unfair advantages to any players that decide to donate to the community. Therefore, if you're only donating because you want to get exp points, rank or any other sort of advantage we strongly recommend you to just back off and not waste anyone's time.


At the moment, our donation reward system isn't really developed properly but it will be in the future which is when you'll be able to recieve more perks for the money you donate. Players are always more than welcome to suggest a few features that we could make for donators as long as they're reasonable and not giving any advantages.


Here's the list of features that you can recieve by donating (will be updated later on):




  • Donator tag on the forums
  • Ability to use animated profile pictures on the forums
  • Access to Donator chat in game
  • Bronze Donator tag in game
  • Donator tag on Discord
  • Access to donator section on Discord
  • 5% exp bonus
  • Roadblock limit increased to 15



  • All of the above
  • Silver Donator tag in game
  • Chat text colored in silver
  • Free Pay 'n' Spray repairs
  • 10% exp bonus
  • Roadblock limit increased to 20



  • All of the above
  • Gold donator tag in game
  • 15% exp bonus
  • Unlimited inventory weight
  • Chat text colored in gold
  • Ability to change your own callsign with the /callsign command
  • Roadblock limit increased to 25



Payment Options

For now we only support Paypal, but we may, however, expand the options in the future.


Okay, how do I donate?

Simply navigate to either the main website (sapdfr.org) and click on the "Donate" button that can be found on the bottom or go to Forum's main board and click on the "Donate" redirection board.

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To prevent Discord's server from being overfilled we've removed the "your own Discord voice channel" and "your own Discord channel" from the features. Therefore 15$+ and 25$+ have been changed to TBD temporarily (To Be Determined) and will most likely be replaced with in game features.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Silver & Gold packages discounted by 50% until June 15 2019 to celebrate the 1.2.0 release!

Update June 6 2019 (these features will come with the 1.2.0 update):

- Added silver colored chat text for Silver donators

- Added gold colored chat text for Gold donators

- Added ability to change your own callsign in game by using the /callsign command for Gold Donators


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