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Post any dashcam or camera footage of stupid drivers


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Ah yes bad drivers. The drivers that prob nearly killed you a few times :P

Anyways if you have some moments where drivers did stupid things (basically anything that violate simple traffic laws) post them here! However I will set up a few rules to keep it clean:

-Must not be from movies, tv shows, internet memes, etc. with exception of news report (footage must be captured in real time)

-Must not be edited with any special effects that inhibits realism with the exception of blurring people's faces and license plates

-Compilations are allowed (like those Russian dashcam footages), however to keep it simple its best to keep one incident per video

For bonus points tho, a cop can be present in the video, either pulling them over for said violation or bascially ignore him for watever reasons.

Ill start with some examples:

1. Some idiot BMW driver cutting people off from the HOV lane and gets pulled over by TPS


2. Prob the stupidest driver ever in city of Markham:

-Blocking the left turn lane of the opposing car

-Crossing the double yellow solid lines and head onto opposing traffic

-All done in clear view of a YRP police cruiser

3. Nvm this guy getting stuck on a curb is the stupidest, blocking a TTC streetcar...

4. Oh FFS.... 3 people drove literally underground on a TTC streetcar track and ended up in Union station... (Ontario really has terrible drivers tbh :P)

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Not dashcam but traffic camera during a normal work day at the Iowa DOT... note the advisory sign in the median. My Highway Helper truck is in the first image and then DPS is in the second.

http://i.imgur.com/s9Cnm1d.png' alt='IMGUR>'>

http://i.imgur.com/c0j3pD8.png' alt='IMGUR>'>

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