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Update 1.0.19 - May 6 2017


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General Improvements


  • Removed GTA:SA's speed limiter which limited vehicle speed on multiple locations such as LS Skate park, SF Golden Gate Bridge, LS connection between Viewood & Jefferson, etc. (courtesy of MTA:SA 1.5.4 update)
  • Increased weapon damages to increase realism


Partner Patrol System


  • Added /partner command which lets you partner with other players
  • Added /ap (acceptpartner) & /dp (denypartner) to accept or deny partner requests
  • Added /endpartner which ends your parnership with partnered player
  • Parnership is automatically ended once a player respawns or leaves the server
  • Changed F11 callsigns to display either Adam (partnered) or Lincoln (single) units
  • Added light blue color to your own partner in the F11 map
  • Increased exp rewards for partners on arrest to 40 exp, in addition when arresting someone partner is not required to be in the vehicle to get the exp
  • Added ability to drive partner vehicles
  • Changed callouts to call partnered units as one (ex: "1-Adam-14 please respond" instead of "Blast3r please resond" )
  • Changing service as well as requesting backup affects both partnered players

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You misspelled a word there ''Added /patrol command which lets you partner with other players''.

It should be /partner, at least I think that. :D


Finally someone who notices my typos and warns me on time, thanks <3

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