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Making a tutorial video series on FAQ's in game

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I am planning on making a video series to answer frequently asked questions that players ask in game. First few topics in the videos will be:

How to pull someone over?

How to run someone's ID/ license plate check?

How request transport/towtruck/medics?

Proper response protocols (ie, responding code 1, code 2, code 3)

As we all know, there are players from many different countries, who use many different languages. In the videos, I will be giving a verbal explanation of how I'm doing each thing. So that we can better help all players, I am looking for people who can translate english to the following languages, and who would be willing to provide a voice-over for the videos (of course any people helping will be given a credit in the videos :) )

Languages to be translated to: Polish, Spanish, Turkish (not high priority, but would be nice)

Also, let me know what other things might be good for this video series.

Hopefully with this seires, not only can we attract more players, but also reduce the amount of people who just kill peds out of sheer frustration because they don't know how to do something

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