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My idea consists of the fact that should exist different strategic points in the big roads of the map. These points should be conditioned in order that the official of policeman could use the speed radar, to put stop sign spikes, to check to the vehicles, and were to so much of the reports that exist nearby.

These points would work as the operative one in the big roads of LS, SF and the LV.

Later an image is observed DONE FOR MY, in which it appears since it might be this type of strategic points.

I believe that serious a fantastic idea, this way of this another serious way mas in order that the players could gain XP and increase of level. If they were interested in the idea, they can be contacted me.

I can design and create all the strategic points and one spent them in order that they could implement it in the servant. It is necessary to mention, that I am a very good mapper, so any thing that they need I am to his orders.

My skype: misael.uribe2



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