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Update 1.0.20 - May 13 2017


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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed dispatch topic not being reset after accepting a callout as partner ("cancel that" needed to be used before you'd be able to use dispatch again)
  • Fixed partner's status not being set to out of service after accepting a callout as partnered unit
  • Fixed "press X to accept or N to deny" text not being removed for partners after accepting a callout
  • Removed a rather spammy debug from the script, possible server crash reason
  • Fixed a small error on the Vehicle Theft callout which caused suspects not to take out their weapons when they're supposed to


General Improvements


  • Added /revokeexp (alternatives: /rexp, /takeexp, /takexp, /revokexp) for Administrators - this takes away exp from players and also sends a global message to everyone with a reason
  • /exp command can no longer be used with negative values - if used, Administrators will be asked to use the /revokeexp command instead
  • Increased NPCs density from 0.20 to 0.25, or in other words more NPCs will now spawn on the roads
  • Added red color to the exp display which appears if the experience value is negative (i.e revoked exp, killed civilian ped, etc)
  • Added 2 more possible locations for Armored Truck Robbery callout, LS Skatepark and Palomino Creek


New Features


  • Added unmarked Yosemite. It requires rank Lieutenant in PDs and Undersheriff in SDs, in case you wish to mod it you can only do so via the SAPDFRMods folder just like with Merit & Glendale, vehicle ID is 505 & name for the vehicle to mod is "rnchlure.txd" and "rnchlure.dff"

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