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Advanced Gaming - who we are


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Advanced Gaming is a community which has been founded on October 3rd 2013. The community is rather known around Multi Theft Auto due to the roleplay project that we are currently working on and is in beta stage. The project's development status, however, is currently temporarily stopped due to the full focus that we've switched onto SAPD:FR Online's 1.0.0 update. The script that we're currently working on for the roleplay is completely made from scratch with a rather decent amount of features being added into it from time to time. In case you're interested to learn more about it please visit mta.advanced-gaming.org.


SAPD:FR Online

Our attention turned to SAPD:FR early summer this year when we saw a thread on the MTA Forums about it and have decided to give the mod a try. However, upon playing we were rather dissapointed that it had quite an amount of bugs present that were preventing us to have a fun experience as quite some features were blocked due to these bugs.

As we've played this mod for a day or two we've decided to solve some bugs ourselves as the script was available as public at the time and have managed to successfully do so. With the few bug fixes that we have done we've decided to contact Palm Beach Games and ask them if there was a possibility about us slowly fixing the bugs with them crediting us to which they've replied that they're not supporting the mod anymore but that if we're interested we can take it over and continue where they've left off at. Naturally this did require quite some discussion with the team and some planning on how to execute SAPD:FR and Roleplay development at the same time if we take over the project and have came to the conclusion that we put on a 110% focus for our first 1.0.0 update on the SAPD:FR branch and then split the development between myself and Tosfera on the projects.

With the decision of taking it over being made we've procceeded to contact Palm Beach Games and have discussed all of the terms and signed the right papers to fully take over the script. Result to this is that SAPD:FR will now be fully developed by Advanced Gaming, it's database has been fully moved to Advanced Gaming's server as well as the server.

At the moment we do have some future plans set up for the script that will happen after the 1.0.0 update but we've decided not to talk about the plans publically just yet as we don't want to promise things that may end up not being added to the script in the end due to some unforseen reasons.

In addition I would like to note that in case for some reason Advanced Gaming is no longer capable of holding the SAPD:FR Online modification it will be taken back to Palm Beach Games in the condition that we leave it at and the decision of what's going to happen next with it will be fully up to them.


Please feel free to ask any questions here and we'll be more than happy to answer them as soon as possible!

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