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I'm going to start us off with something wayyyy old school by today's standards.

On November 20th 1985, the Microsoft Corporation released its first operating system with a graphical user interface. Windows 1.0 however was not itself an operating system, rather it was a operating environment that ran on top of MS-DOS. To be able to enter into the Windows 1.0 environment, you first had to enter the MS-DOS command to boot the system. Then you were greeted with the Windows 1.0 interface, shown below


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The car from "Back to the Future", the real name of the car is " DeLorean DMC-12" and was manufactured by DMC from 1981-1983.

It features gull-wing doors and a body made from fiberglass.

Class: Sports car

Engine: 2,849 cc v6

Transmission: 5 speed manual; 3 speed automatic



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