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[Appeal - #0010] Krzysiek009


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Username: Krzysiek009

Date of ban: 08.09.2017

Reason for ban: Non English

Duration of ban: 7 days

Why do you believe you need a second chance: In my opinion, I should be unbanned because on the day I was billed I got banned for 7 days for Nick's constant asking for the banning of a friend, in my opinion I served the penalty and frankly surprised when the game was banned after an hour. I really try not to write in Polish on t but sometimes I will slip once, but after that I wrote sorry and found that since I am still mistaken for chats I should talk to a colleague on skype. Please bastard and assure that today I did not write in Polish on the globe outside the one message that I immediately apologized.

Which administrator banned you: Nick

Additional notes: Translated into google translate. Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors.

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