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[Appeal - #0013] ironoob


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Date of ban:One month ago?? it's not written...

Reason for ban:I'm been banned because I asked on wich day of the week the server usually be update.

Duration of ban:I think Permanent,It's not written.

Why do you believe you need a second chance:Because I haven't ask for update,I asked on wich day usually you do it,and too because on all the server I played and all the games never get banned,and now I'm getting banned for a RUle that dosen't exist(because is not written),that I haven't broke and that can't be true...PERMANENT BANN for "he asked for update"and I haven't do it so.I need second chance,always help players,Tosfera can Confrim as on the last update I helped you to find bugs,and I'm not a kid,If I will be unbanned I will no talk with one of you so I can't create problems

Which administrator banned you:Nick banned me in game,on Discord I don't remember.It was a lot of days later,ban IG for "discord discussion".

Additional notes: I haven't ask for update,I asked on wich day usually you do it,a lot of hours ago  asked for update and I don't know why one admin wich I don't remember the name,maybe is Nick warned me to don't flame,I hadn't say anything in chat so I started discussing with him,but I can't say anything that he got angry "this is your last warn don't flame shut up",I only use to say "I haven't say nothing",he said to me "stop with this or you get banned on discord and in game",So I got angry because no one has the power and the dirict to say to me to shut up,and I got banned.

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Ban appeal DECLINED.

Not only have you constantly spammed every staff member about the release of updates, but to make it worse, you even tried ban evading. Ban evading is one of the most severe offences and is the reason that you are as of right now officially and permanently blacklisted from the community.

Forum account has also been banned.


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