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The suggestions for MTA!

Dear players and developer team!

I have some ideas to share with you.

They are not a big deal, but it would be nice to it in game!

Ideas about the basic things:

-I would love to see a riot controll vehicle in the game. Just like in the basic gta, ofc with unique model and els as well.

-The sniper rifle could be also a great item, having a sniper covering the others in a big action would be cool!

-Some special force skin(s) (the basic gta commando skin could do the job) would be also cool.

-We have a item in the game called tear gas but it doesn't work in order The tear gas does cause dmg, but it

doesn't paralyze the suspect(s). Tossing a tear gas would be the best way to clear a street brawl for example and the most harmless.

Ideas about the npcs:

-There are many civs on the streets and just walking to nowhere or driving to nowhere so you could add

some more ordinary npc actions. Like npcs standing and just talking to each other. Or like an npc having a smoke on the side of street.

These little thing could make the city less robotistic and more living.

Ideas about the actions with npcs:

-Npc usually end up in the jail but not all of them should. They are npcs that are just could be released with some punishment.

Writing bills would be the best and realistic way for this thing! If ask me this is how it could work: You have a new action under 'action'

which is called 'Write bill than release'. If you do this you get xp for checking identity and spending some time with the npc.

Some bugs that should be fixed.

-If you use stop trafic the npc car normally stops and you have the chance to act with the npc while he is sitting in the car.

Sometimes that marker disappears and you have a stopped npc car and you can do nothing about it. Also if you ask the npc to

exit, he will not be able to get in his car anymore, and you need to call a tow truck. Even if the npc was totally clean. So should

fixed that somehow, if a npc get off his car he should be sit back somehow!

Thats it for now. Thank you very much for your time!

I will extend my ideas later.


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Sniper rifle wouldn't make it because it's been replaced as the radar gun.


In addition, SWAT has been previously requested which would cover riot vehicles & special skins.

Using tear gas on a street brawl would violate the don't DM at street brawl rule and an EXP deduction would occur since it kills the peds.

A ticketing system has previously been requested.

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