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[Guide] How to install mods via SAPDFR mods folder


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Ok, so today I'm gonna teach you how to install mods via SAPDFR mods folder. What does this mean? Well, this mean that you don't have to mod your gta3.img if you want to install a vehicle, a skin or even a pack.

You don't have to quit the server to install the mods.

Video tutorial made by 2k16:

-There is no need to change the vehicle name with the vehicle id.

1. Download the mod that you want (check our mods section: mods section)

2. Extract it on your desktop.

3. Go to "MTA San Andreas 1.5\mods\deathmatch\resources\SAPDFRMods\files"

4. Copy and paste the extracted files in the specific folder(vehicles, skins, weapons) .txd and .dff

5. Join the server, login and press "1" on Numpad.


-If you want to replace the siren sounds, please follow this guide: Siren sounds tutorial

-Possible the cars may be all white, without a texture, and in this case you have to write /settings in the chat, then go to "Modifications and renders" and then uncheck "default vehicle shader"

-If your lights are white or have weird texture then follow this tutorial: Texture hack tutorial. Check: "How to install TXD Hack via SAPD:FR Online mod folder? (Easier method)".

-If your mods are not working, make sure you installed them correctly.

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How to replace Map/Radar?


If I remember correctly you can't replace the radar using the SAPDFR mods folder, you have to replace it within the MTA /GTA SA folder . There should be tutorials online that can show you how.

Edit: I found this from Nick


Can be installed via IMG Tool 2.0, Alci’s IMG Editor, or another tool designed to edit gta3.img."


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