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[Event - 25/11/2017] LVPD Patrol


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[align=center]Las Venturas Police Department Public Patrol Event[/align]

[align=center]November 25 2017, Saturday, 21:00 GMT+1[/align]


Ran By: Blast3r[/member]

Dispatch: Blast3r[/member] or goober5198[/member] or Mafia[/member] 


After bringing San Fierro back to life for a day it's time to move onto our next target, Las Venturas. Just like the San Fierro event we will release another script update focused onto bringing Las Venturas to life (adding callouts that weren't added to LV, parked vehicles, etc.) and will hopefully put some attention to it. We know Los Santos is everyone's favorite but we still believe that these great cities also deserve a chance and a chance it should get! To join the event you are required to be on the Discord channel but do not require a mic, failure to be on the Discord channel will have you removed from the event. To attend, just meet up at the LVPD garage (most likely somewhere near the spawn point) at November 25, 21:00 GMT+1, Saturday for a brief.

Hope to see you there,

Advanced Gaming Management

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