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Update 1.0.29 - December 2 2017


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Bug Fixes


  • Fixed Injured Person callout not properly set to medics therefore resulting in a double callout for police members
  • Fixed helicopter spawn positions forcing you to unleash your ninja skills to climb the roof


General Improvements


  • Dead players should no longer freak out other people by talking in the dispatch chat
  • Dead players can no longer call for player backup because they're... dead.
  • Added donator tag to the chat for donators
  • Added a new towing point for RCSD
  • Added two new prisoner skins to the server


New Features


  • Added a new callout: Jail Break in Progress - It's based on a prisoner escaping from the jail cells that are present in the police departments, later on we'll add in a prisoner escape callout as well that will have a lot more peds present. The callout has 1 prisoner with a random chance of an additional member spawning that's helping the prisoner escape, possible outcomes are them having weapons and attacking you, escaping on foot or escaping in a vehicle, be careful when they're armed though as they can be quite dangerous behind the walls of the interiors

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