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Hello dear members,

So after today's meeting we've decided to put the staff team throughout some changes, especially in the terms of hiring new members. As of the closure of the current staff member applications we will no longer hire members directly to the Moderator position. Instead, all of the members that wish to become a staff member will be required to serve some time in the server as a Helper and if they've proven that they're doing a good job, are active on the server and are also friendly with the players we will promote them to the moderator position.

As of today, helpers will be in charge of our new Head Helper which is Caracatus1[/member] , he's going to be the one behind hiring new helpers, guiding them through the helper proccess as well as giving the Management his insights on all of the helpers and who's eligible for the Moderator promotion. Once the staff members pass from the helper to the Moderator position they will be under Mafia[/member] 's charge as they were so far.

We hope that this way we'll bring more attention to the helper system and hopefully improve the server for the new comers with a bigger amount of helpers available to help them out, in addition we're also happy to announce that Chico2[/member] has been promoted to the Administrator position and is now the supervisor of the Moderators and in charge of giving Management monthly reports on each Moderator that we have which should help us determine who's fit for a promotion, demotion or even removal from the staff team as well as help us determine who's active and who's not.

Kind Regards,

Advanced Gaming Management

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