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December 16-17 - Anniversary Celebration - Double EXP Weekend - Medics


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[align=center]December 16-17[/align]


As some of you may know, December 17 2016, Saturday was the exact time when we opened the doors for our version of SAPD:FR Online to the players. Initially for the first version we did update quite a lot from Palm Beach Games' version but we did find out that there was still a really long way to go for us from there. Throughout the time of the following few months we've released updates that were focused on improving the gameplay as well as massively polishing all of the bugs that were present and I think that we did earn the right to say that we've cleaned them out quite well, granted, there are still some bugs present that need resolving but those bugs pretty much require major script rewrites in the AI system which is something that we're going to get to eventually.

Not so long after our release we announced our plans for the big 1.1.0 update which you guys have been waiting for so long and boy are we happy to say that you're practically standing on the 1.1.0's door step!

Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate our first and a rather big year with SAPD:FR Online we've decided to start a convoy that will start at the LSPD HQ and will slowly drive all the way to Mountain Chilliad where we plan to celebrate the anniversary with you guys. We will most likely map some things on top of the Mountain Chilliad and probably add some music as well as proper dance animations for you guys to enjoy as much as you can, additionally we will also make a quick brief either via in game chat or Discord chat (we're not sure yet) and then release the big one!

1.1.0 is finally coming!

And you know what that means! That's right, medics! After the anniversary celebration you guys will finally get access to the Medic branche and finally get the chance to feel the joy of driving a guy bleeding to death in your ambulance and slowly watching him die on your way to the hospital because that's what medics are all about, no? Some of you have had the chance to see the medics on the work during the Management beta test but you still have not had the chance to experience the system nor see how it actually works which we're really excited to let you guys finally experience! We won't say anything about it now as we want you to have the full experience at the time it's released.

Double EXP Weekend

What other way to celebrate than let you guys rank up twice as fast? In addition, you can also brag to your friends that you were among the first users to use the medic system and have gotten a faster ranking up in return! Double EXP weekend will start on December 16, Saturday and end early December 18, Monday.


It all starts December 16, Saturday, 21:00 GMT+1 and finishes December 18, Monday, 10:00 GMT+1, celebration with the staff members, management, etc on the other hand will probably end 1-2 hours after the start on Saturday.

Hope to see you there,

Advanced Gaming Management

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