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Update 1.0.4 - January 14 2017


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Another week and another update for you fellas:

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed prisoner transport and medic transport not finishing a callout properly which could result in "disregard due to no response"
  • Fixed callouts being stuck on player after they quit which could also result in "disrgerad due to no repsonse"
  • Fixed weapons not being properly removed from callout subjects
  • Fixed chatbox interrupting ELS panel sometimes (switching modes when u'd press a specific button near the end of the chat)
  • Y for localchat now works
  • Fixed marker not being hidden when asking a ped to leave their vehicle
  • Fixed language selection not being saved
  • Fixed tutorial being rather spammy and annoying
  • Fixed vehicle trunk items disappearing after script restart
  • Fixed arrests not raising properly for signatures


General Improvements


  • Towtrucks will now give exp when towing vehicles that are marked as stolen or unpaid tickets in ALPR and vehicles that were evading in pursuit
  • Pursuits should now be endless   - Reverted due to it causing server crash.
  • Added more possible legal frisk finds to decrease the unrealistic amount of illegal finds
  • Added more possible ped names, mostly for female names
  • Added a vendor for the RCSD
  • ELM will now also work for HPV1000 (police bike)
  • Replaced spray can image with actualy pepper spray image
  • Expanded the HUD design by adding "Current callout" and changing "in service" "out service" design
  • Added a message which displays upon player quitting the server
  • Expanded the scoreboard by adding a column which displays if a player is available or not
  • Removed cops from spawning as NPCs as they were rather pointless
  • Removed pixel shaders from appearing when you shoot your weapon to resolve FPS drops.


New Features


  • Added a "remember me" to the login screen
  • Added a new warning render which displays once you're in the AFK zone
  • Added a new callout Fight in Progress
  • Added unit numbers into dispatch chat as well as made chat dispatch being sent once you press F4 to go in and out of service
  • Added /hidehud and /hidenames which will help greatly in videos and screenshots
  • Added a /eject command which lets you eject unwanted passangers from your vehicle




  • Made some small adjustments to the RCSD exterior
  • Cleaned up RS Haul by removing rather pointless boxes from it
  • Removed a dumpster at Angel Pine that caused NPCs to get stuck into it by just continuing to walk into it even if they hit it


We hope you like this update and would like to note you that we're not even close to reaching our goals and thank you all for all the amazing suggestions and feedback you guys have been still giving us.

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