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[Appeal - #0014] SCPDUnit23


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Username: SCPDUnit23

Date of ban: 12/04/2017

Reason for ban: Insubordination towards the Staff Team and Unauthorization to create a Staff Discord Channel.

Duration of ban: Permanently

Why do you believe you need a second chance: While I never have the intention to create a Staff chat and leave the Management Team uninvited, I should have asked for permission and notify the Management. As for the “command unit” insult, I mistakenly misinterpreted “Management” and thought there was no management in the chat group itself, NOT towards the Advanced Gaming Management, thus calling our own group chat “a hangout not a command unit”. As I feel guilty for all the staff members to receive an infraction and unable to claim full responsibility for the actions I have done, I have decided to take the code of honor and fully blacklist myself from the server and leave the Discord group.

If I am able to return back to the server, I will swear an oath to never join any of the staff team ever again. I have already been given two chances for this position and while I had proved useful, I had made too many mistakes and caused a lot of problems. I will also swear an oath to never hide any secrets from the staff team ever again.

Which administrator banned you: Myself (SCPDUnit23)

Additional notes: Management has the right to make the decision on this appeal. If I should stay banned, then I will respect this decision.


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Only way this ban is going to be processed is if you agree to following conditions:


  • Permanent blacklist from the Staff team, meaning there is no way you can ever join the Advanced Gaming staff team again, that is future projects included.
  • Absolute last chance, next time is a permanent ban and blacklist from the community, server, discord and all the other platforms we have, future platforms included.


If you agree to these conditions, reply to this topic with "I agree to the conditions mentioned, I also understand that I am on an extremely short leash".

If no reply is seen within 24 hours, the ban appeal will automatically be declined and the punishments will stand.

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Conditional unban processed.

If you are caught even in the slightest bit breaking the conditions, the punishment will prevail to a permanent ban as well as a permanent blacklist from the community, server, forum, discord, future projects and future platforms.

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